Party Tips For MOM!

1. Try to secure your entertainer BEFORE you set your party time or mail your invitations!

2. Think twice about putting the children in a play room with lots of toys! The visiting

kids will want to try out all your childs toys! And their attention will be divided.

3. If you are having an entertainer, it would be best NOT to give out noise makers before

the show!

4. Remember that balloons are a safety hazard for small children. Explain to the kids that

balloons should NOT be put in their mouths because of the choking hazard.

5. If you are having a pool party, face painting is probably NOT a good idea. All face paints

are water based and will come off in the pool. Ask you entertainer about an alternative to face


6. Have your entertainer arrive 15 to 30 minutes after the start of your party to allow for late

comers. You could have a little craft or a simple card decorating to fill the time.

7. If  your guests traditionally arrive late to your parties, have your entertainer toward the last hour of your party.

8. Remember that when you hire  Tails or Robo the clown, you are hiring their time as well as their talent. We must begin and end on time as we generally have scheduled performances before and/or after your party. So the time cannot be changed when the clown arrives. So make sure that the time you have your entertainer arrive is a time where your guests will all be there.

9. Be mindful that outside parties are a challenge. Wind can blow over our magic equipment. The grass can pop our twisted balloons. And heat is really tough on face paint. Inside is always preferable in the summer. However, if you must have it outside, try to provide a shady place for the show. Most our summer events are out doors.

10. We do not take "rain date" events because we loss time that we could be entertaining indoors. So if it rains please have a location to bring the party inside.

11. Please have payment ready at the end of the party so the clown can exit promptly. Often times we don't want to interrupt the cutting of cake or the pinotta to ask for payment. So if the cash or check is ready prior to the party it makes payment much easier.