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Roland, the Key Board Guy!              Jack the Court Jester!              Mr Jack the Magic Guy

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    And of-course, Robo!                                  Superman, Retired!             Elroy, the Elf!

New! Santa Claus for your holiday parties!

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Robo the Clown is for the Kids. Puppets, Juggling, Balloon Animals, and Magic Tricks strictly for them!

Mr. Jack is a Kids' Magician. He performs some amazing and some comical tricks. His shows can be tailored to any age. For birthday parties, Mr. Jack includes balloon animals for all the kids.

Jack the Court Jester's show is full of foolery, comedy magic tricks, ventriloquism, and more for the little older kids and adults. You'll love "Fluffy" his bad wise guy bird!

Roland the Key Board Guy does the old tyme tunes for the older set! Familiar tunes that the audience can sing a long. Lots of audience interaction. Great for seniors or nursing homes and most of all FUNNY and ENTERTAINING!

And, Jack has other characters for special affairs like Superman, Retired. He is available for your retirement functions or adult birthday parties. He's old, cranky and tired. But most of all, he's FUNNY and ENTERTAINING!

Elroy the Elf is for your holiday parties and shows! Elroy will perform a holiday show filled with magic, music and puppetry! Great as an intro show for Santa Claus! He's funny, cute and full of the holiday spirit!

NEW! Santa Claus! Jack will play Santa for your event!  Call for details!


Jack Court performs all these wacky characters for you! He is a member of Clowns of America International and past president and founder of Central Massachusetts Clowns. For over a decade he's performed all over New England at parties, corporate and civic events, schools, libraries, hospitals and at a multitude of other functions. He has won many awards for competition in skit, makeup and parade at major clown events. Jack has performed with Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus in Worcester, Ma. He is a constant provider of education and entertainment for his fellow clowns at clown conventions and clown clubs (alleys). He served as the opening night master of ceremonies for the annual international convention for Clowns of America in Saratoga, New York  Jack also belonged to The Big Apple Circus clown care unit at Yale/New Haven hospital.

Now located in Southington, Connecticut and serving all of New England. For booking info for any one of these zany characters, call the office at 860-621-2713 or his cell phone at (860)329-2111 or email him at