Tails has a new clown mobile! We call it the Elephant!



Last Years' News

Tails and Robo had the privilege to deliver the checks that were given at our wedding to The Shriners Burns hospital in Boston. What a beautiful facility! And all the care given to the children there is free of charge. The folks there were so gracious, giving us a tour of the hospital. We would like to thank all our wedding guests who contributed to such a worthy cause. We were able to raise over $3500 for the hospital. It sure made us feel good that, not only did our wedding bring us so much joy, but that we could all use the opportunity to help a very worthy organization to continue to provide free and cutting edge care for child burn victims who may not, otherwise, have had the opportunity for such care. Again...all our thanks to our wedding guest.


Tom Desmond, of the Shriner Burns hospital Boston with Tails and Robo

Below: Tails and Robo got to clown around with Bird puppets: Larry Bird and Sue Bird at the last Women's Big East Game! So after our clowning around, we went in to watch the Uconn Women win the Big East. GO UCONN!



We did a live morning broadcast with WDRC radio and met, Rocky from the New  Britain Rock Cats!


Christmas party for St Francis in Holden, Massachusetts.


Below.. an unusual look for Tails and Robo. We just recently did the October Fest at the Aqua Turf club in Southington. Aren't we cute?




One of this years wonderful birthday parties!



This passed summer, Tails and Robo went to the Clowns of America International Convention in Springfield, Missouri. It was lots of fun! And it was a time to learn new ways to make you laugh! Robo entered competition and won in the following catagories. Puppetry 1st Place, Juggling, 2nd Place and Magic, 3rd Place.


Tails came home with a pretty petticoat for her dress! Oola la!




Look at all those clowns taking pictures of Tails and Robo at our wedding! Aren't they cute? We think they're adorable!


More clown friends! Valentine, Tails, Tiny Bubbles, Robo and Cupcake!




More silly clown friends from our wedding! Dipz, Andi, Polka Dot, Clarity and Cherrio!